Tesla Model Y Drive Impressions; Insane Experience

Tesla Model Y Drive impressions

Tesla Model Y drive. Impression is taken from a person who was driving this vehicle since 10 days and drive almost 3000 km. So what is his experience we will know in this video how he feels about the vehicle and what is the pros and cons of Tesla model Y so let’s talk about it.

Tesla Model Y Drive Impressions; Auto Pilot System

Tesla Model Y is the most selling model of Tesla company and many changes have been made by Tesla into this model. In this article we will just now talk about Tesla model Y. We will also talk about the ecosystem of Tesla company that how we feel after driving any Tesla auto pilot inbuilt vehicle. So let’s get started from the key of the car.


Tesla provide two type of key with their car. One is card type key and one is normal key so the difference is both are very practical but when you use card type key so you cannot lock and unlock your vehicle with that key. But this feature is available in the normal key of Tesla car. You will have to use mobile app to lock unlock all doors of vehicle.

Driving Comfort

Suspension of Tesla model why is little bit stiff so if you are driving on highway so it is well enough to provide you a good comfort but if you are driving at a messy Road or any road which having some patches so you will feel little bit discomfort but if you talk about the seating comfort of the driver, so it is very well designed by Tesla.


According to the driving impression ergonomic of Tesla model Y is not well for the person who is used to drive a Normal vehicle. This is because when we drive a normal vehicle so there is a little bit infotainment screen behind the steering wheel. So the driver knew that at what speed he is driving but in Tesla model Y it is not available so we can say that it is based on Modern technology but you will get used to of it after driving Continue for some time.

Tesla Model Y

Drive Impressions

Traffic light; Best feature of this car is whenever you stop on red light so you no need to watch the red light that when it will turn into green your vehicle will automatically tell you whenever your traffic light will turn into green. Tesla model Y make some noise (Tinggg) make some kind of noise which will tell you that your traffic light turn into green and You are good to go.

Visibility; If we talk about the visibility from driver seat, so the visibility is very clear, you can drive easily Tesla model Y but when you will look at side view mirror so you will feel little bit disappointment because the blind spot from the Driver seat is not very clear due to the shape of Rear view mirror but Tesla says that they provide the blind spot visibility into their infotainment system, but most of the Driver don’t like that so it’s up to the Driver.


So the conclusion is when you drive the car and experience the each and every things installed in the Tesla Model Y so you will not feel luxuriousness this is because you will feel that there are many things which are installed in the car are not of good quality but I am not saying that that is a bad quality products used but it is not the product which you can say we get in the luxury cars but that’s fine. You will feel that you are driving a good comfortable Car.

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